With over 25 years of experience, Premier Properties of New Brunswick is one of the City’s largest and most highly regarded rental apartment development and management operations. Premier Properties is committed to and ONLY operates in the City of New Brunswick. All of our locations are newly constructed or have been completely remodeled. While we specialize in efficiency and one-bedroom apartments for one or two persons, we do offer 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at our 17 Mine Street, 15 Union Street, 205 Easton Ave. or 191 Hamilton St. locations. We also offer 2 bedroom apartments within our age restricted (55 and older) property at 76 Louis St. Premier Properties employs a hands-on style of management and our centrally located office enables us to efficiently serve the needs of our tenants.


The City of New Brunswick, along with Rutgers University, have continuously been attracting out of state and foreign visitors. Premier Properties appreciates that some of our customers are unable to physically visit before relocating to New Brunswick. With them in mind, we have introduced our Out of State and Foreign Visitors program. Our web site has been built to make the apartment shopping process as efficient and informative as possible, from any location. All paperwork can be processed via the internet in order to secure a given apartment without visiting New Brunswick. Upon arrival to New Brunswick, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should an out of state or foreign customer not be fully satisfied with their choice of apartment, we will either offer an available replacement apartment or a complete refund of all deposit monies and cancellation of all leasing contracts.


While we do have openings throughout the year, most of our yearly leases begin on either June 1st or Sep 1st. If you are looking for a move-in date that is after the listing dates on our availability tab, we suggest joining our Preferred Tenants List. By being a Preferred Tenant, you will be notified every time an apartment becomes available. This is a no obligation service with no risk to you. The process would involve submission of a completed rental application, W-9 form, a Preferred Tenant Agreement, and a $250 deposit. The $250 deposit is fully refundable and would be held in an escrow account until it is either returned or credited towards the security deposit for your apartment of choice.


All of our rental properties are of new construction with the oldest building having been built in 1999. Each property is built to current safety and fire code standards. Yearly inspected fire sprinkler systems in conjunction with centrally monitored fire alarm systems provide for state of the art fire safety protection. Electronic entrance door locking systems are standard in all our properties. All of our properties offer around the clock video surveilance systems for added security. Exterior and common area lighting provide for a safe environment at any time of day. Each properties common areas are professionally cleaned and maintained on a weekly basis.


Having the highest quality rental product is second in importance only to customer service. As a tenant within any of our professionally managed buildings you will be treated like a valuable customer. Our management office is conveniently located in downtown New Brunswick. We maintain a full time maintenence and administrative staff that is prepared to handle any concern. Because most maintenence concerns are dealt with by our in house staff, we are able to respond far more efficiently and quickly than other management for hire operations or worse yet, out of town landlords.


Our building locations and features offer the best variety to choose from within the City of New Brunswick. Our properties are located within two distinct areas of the City:

1. Easton Ave, Union, Mine & Sicard Streets – Being just steps away, these locations are the closest to the Rutgers College Ave. campus. They are walking distance to the College Ave. and the Easton Ave. corridor with its shops and restaurant’s. The train station and downtown district is also walking distance. City of New Brunswick and Rutgers University bus stops are within walking distance. The exciting new Yard at College Ave. recently opened at the corner of Hamilton and Union streets. Although technically “off campus,” Union St. is known as the only “on campus” street in New Brunswick.

2. Louis, Hamilton and Maple Streets- These are what we refer to as our “midtown” locations. Located between the downtown and College Ave. areas, these locations offer more elbow room and little less bustle with free on site parking. These locations are ideal for those looking for more cost effective options with easy access and without being in the heart of either the downtown or College Ave.

As a resident in any of our properties, you will be afforded the flexibility to move within our properties should you so choose. This option is limited only by unit availability.